Shoes, Shoes, Shoes: Which Ones Are Right for ME?

Outside of running barefoot, the biggest question facing today’s runners is, "What running shoes are right for me?”

With the advent of running philosophies and training strategies that promote the advantages of running in everything from Newtons to “minimalist” shoes, there has been great interest in these less traditional styles. As expected, the running shoe companies have jumped on the band wagon and are producing a myriad of shoe categories that incorporate different heel heights and materials, as well as many different degrees of support and control. This can create quite a dilemma for the runner, regardless of ability level, as to which style and/or category is right for him or her. The proliferation of advertising does not make it any easier.

The best way to determine what shoe may be best for you is to seek professional consultation. An accurate evaluation should include a running history, including any previous physical complaints, limitations and injuries. Additionally, a running gait analysis should be performed. Running mechanics and body habitus should be taken into account as well.

The doctors and professionals at The Running Institute are pleased to offer this evaluation. They also provide you with a current list of running shoes, organized by category and style, as well as local specialty running stores that can properly fit you.


Michael Chin